Boldly exploring new frontiers.

It takes adventurous, visionary teams to create the kind of out-of-this-world games and software that set ITS apart from the rest. Our squadrons of developers, designers, engineers, and other specialists combine their talents throughout the product journey to deliver exceptional solutions to our global clientele.


Find Your Squadron

What are your unique talents and skills? Come aboard to share your passion as part of one of the extraordinary teams at ITS.


Design, develop, and rigorously test all software and applications in the ITS product suite.

• Software Engineers
• QA Analysts


Data Services

Take command of all ITS information, meticulously keeping it secure, organized, and optimized.

• Database Engineering Manager
• Database Engineer
• QA Analyst


IT Support & Security

Monitor and maintain the constellation of ITS systems and networks, defending against threats from all corners of the galaxy.

• Director of IT
• IT Team Lead
• IT Server Administrator/Tech Support
Security Analyst


Business Intelligence & Game Mathematics

Analyze data that steers strategic insights, and calculate cosmic game mechanics.

• Director of Business Intelligence
• BI Engineer
• Data Scientist
• Information Security Analyst
Game Mathematician


Legal & Finance

Uphold the laws of the universe and oversee the finances of the ITS ship and crew.

• Chief Legal Counsel
• Corporate Counsel & Public Notary
• Chief Financial & Operations Officer
• Accounting Manager
• Accountant


Art & Design

Use creative and technical skills to take bold ideas from concept to production.


• Art & Design Manager
• Art Team Lead
• Digital Artist
• Technical Artist
• UI/UX Designer


Product Management

Navigate and drive the software product journey from start to finish.

• Director of Product Management
• Process Improvement Specialist
• Product Owner
• Business Analyst Team Lead
• Business Analyst



DevOps & Engineering

Improve ITS software performance through automation and monitoring.


• SRE/DevOps Manager
• SRE Team Lead
• DevOps Tier Specialist Engineer
• Site Reliability Engineer
• DevOps Investigations Engineer
• DevOps Release & Deployment Engineer


DevOps & Solutions

Solve operational problems by streamlining, managing, and enhancing ITS systems.

• DevOps Solutions Team Lead
• DevOps Solutions Engineer
• QA Automation Team Lead
• QA Automation Engineer


HR & Facilities

Grow and manage extraordinary teams and keep the ITS engine running smoothly and efficiently.

• HR Manager
• HR Generalist
• Executive Assistant
• Maid
• Messenger



Why are we the best crew in the cosmos?

We welcome creative innovators who chart their own course. Our supportive atmosphere provides the training and tools to launch your career and keep you rising up the ranks.