It all started with imagination.

Over 20 years ago, a few innovative friends imagined creating stellar games and software that would entertain and inspire. Their fledgling software development company in the U.S. took off, and over the next decade, Information Technology Support expanded to beautiful Costa Rica, where it continues to grow at warp speed.


(We like to call it our second home.) 

Our spacious, open-concept office gives you plenty of room to stretch out and do your best work. Departments are just steps from each other, encouraging organic collaboration between the crew. No boring white walls here — get inspired by larger-than-life murals that reflect the values we created as a team.

Game Chamber

Get the creative juices flowing with a break for video games or foosball.  

Covered parking deck

Keep yourself dry in the green season and your car safe and cool.  

Gym in the building

Squeeze in your daily sweat without the extra commute.  

Fully stocked galley

Fuel productivity with free coffee, cold drinks, snacks, and fresh fruit. 

Fun office parties

Interface with the crew and celebrate accomplishments and milestones.  

Private meeting spaces

Escape to a quiet realm to brainstorm and collaborate with colleagues.  


Pura vida in the heart of Costa Rica.

ITS headquarters are in La Aurora, Heredia, just 30 minutes from San Jose in the country’s beautiful Central Valley region.  


This is Costa Rica’s bustling epicenter — the geographical and cultural heart of the country and a hub for international business. With two-thirds of the population living here, it’s where you’ll find the best museums, markets, parks, restaurants, shopping, and nightlife.


Yet the Central Valley is also serene. The region’s lush coffee plantations, mountains, and cloud forests reflect Costa Rica’s pura vida way of life. Charming towns and suburbs are a short commute from our offices, offering an alternative to city living, and many of Costa Rica’s most popular destinations, including its renowned beaches, are within a couple of hours.